Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo

Three Nights of
at theSpectacular Fun & Excitement!

Spectacular Fun & Excitement!

Tickets Available LOCAL July 2024
A close up view of a rider sliding the horse in the dirt

Thunder Mountain Pro Rodeo


Thursday, July 25th at 7pm
Thursday, July 26th at 7pm
Thursday, July 27th at 7pm

Gates open at 5:00 pm and the Fun & Excitement begins at 7:00 pm

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Did you know our fair began in 1937? With the exception of four years during WWII, it`s been held every SINGLE year since then (well, except for 2020...!) We can`t wait to open the gates and welcome you back on July 24th -- who`s coming? ...

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Happy Father`s Day to all the dads out there -- we can`t wait to exchange knowing glances with you at fair when your kids meltdown because you won`t buy them a third bag of cotton candy. We see you, and we salute you! ...

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Things are plugging away over here in the office! Solid entertainment on the schedule for the community stage, a rockin` time for our concert on Wednesday the 24th, a carnival that promises to be straight fire, and a rodeo for the books! Who`s counting down the days until fair is here?! 🙋 🙋 🙋 ...

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Three cheers for everyone involved with the fair. It really does take a village to bring this event to life year after year -- we`re so thankful to have everyone in our corner. ...

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Fair Entry is HERE! If you`ve baked it, grown it, made it, or raised it we wanna SEE IT IN THE FAIR!

The 2024 exhibitor handbook is LIVE on -- check it out and read up on how to submit your exhibits. Entry for ALL DEPARTMENTS can be done online at See you real soon!

Drop your questions below! 👇

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The photography exhibits at our Fair are not to be missed -- we`ve got some seriously talented folks in this town! Not to mention the AC is positively divine in that late July heat. Be sure to swing in and take a peek. ...

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Would you believe it if we told you that it`s National Buy a Musical Instrument Day? Honestly, we rolled our eyes too -- but The Today Show said it first, so we guess it`s legit! What better way to celebrate your new investment than to play on our small stage at the fair?

We`re still accepting applications -- link in bio. You know what to do!

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Happy Monday!

We`ve got a special request for you -- did you know we`re in need of only TWO MORE superintendents? That`s right, our fruits and veggies could use some love. If you`re a passionate gardener, green thumb, or farmer, we`d love to hear from you! Please reach out to us at fair@cowlitz.wa to get started on your journey to achieving your fair dreams.

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What`s your favorite ride at the fair? Are you more of an adrenaline junkie or do you prefer a slow ride up and over all of Cowlitz County like us? ...

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A burger without fries?! Brother, eww.

We can`t wait to indulge in all the great food that`s coming to the fair this year -- what`re you most excited for?

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We love walking up and down the aisles of our horse barn during fair season -- our equine friends get the VIP treatment with decorated stalls, fact sheets, and some even wear their Sunday best all week long with glitter, braided manes and the WORKS!

What are you most looking forward to at the Fair this year?

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Did you know...?
+ Baby rabbits are called kits
+ They can turn their ears 180 degrees, which makes them masters of hearing
+ Rabbits are crepuscular, which means they`re active at dusk, dawn, and other periods throughout the night

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Did you know...?
+ Sheep have rectangular pupils
+ They have an excellent sense of smell
+ Mom Sheep can recognize their lamb`s bleat
+ There are over one thousand breeds of sheep!
+ Sheep do not have top front teeth -- instead, their upper palate is very hard and they use their lower teeth to press against it to break down food

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We`re celebrating Earth Day every day of the fair -- life is all around us! ...

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Did you hear the news?! We can`t wait to welcome @thefrontmenlive to our stage on Wednesday 7/24 in partnership with @kuknfm! ⁠

You’ll see Ritchie McDonald, formally with Lonestar, Tim Rushlow, formally with Little Texas, and Larry Stewart from Restless Heart⁠

Three superstars of country music with hits spanning THREE DECADES on one stage⁠

Tickets on sale NOW for just $30.00 at @bobssportinggoods or ⁠

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Hey, hold on a sec -- before you scroll away. It`s us again. We`d really love to have you as a superintendent for this year`s fair -- we`re looking for folks passionate about sewing + needlecraft, fine arts, open class sheep, and other departments. ⁠

Please note one does not need to be passionate about all of these departments, just one! Questions on duties/responsibilities? Check one of our previous posts or email us at to apply.⁠

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Stoked to announce that sponsorship opportunities are now available!⁠

Your support helps us bring magic to life and ensures that the our events continue to be a "moo"st satisfying experience for all. Showcase your business AND community spirit by becoming a sponsor.⁠

For more information on how YOU and your business can be a part of our event(s). please visit, or contact us at 360-577-3121

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The Cowlitz County Fair is still accepting submissions for our Community Stage!⁠ We`d love to showcase your talents -- let`s see `em!⁠

To apply for a spot on our Community Stage, email⁠ to request an application.⁠

Cowlitz County Fair and Rodeo⁠
Stars, Stripes, and Summer Nights⁠
July 24-27, 2024⁠⁠

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